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The ADL Team 

The ADL Team offer services in all areas of construction commercial and contractual support for contractors, principals, lawyers, arbitrators, experts, designers, suppliers, and subcontractors.

A background in engineering and contracting enables us to understand, from our own experience, why contracts have gone wrong or how to avoid disputes. 

Our focus for the last 8 years has been in contractual and legal entitlement. 

This duality puts us in a unique position to identify, write, quantify, and analyse delay, for variations, claims, disputes, and adjudications. Or, we can assess them.

We have a passion for risk management and writing contracts that set up parties to avoid disputes and enable easy management of the agreements on site.

We provide expert opinions on delay and quantum for inhouse, mediation, arbitration, adjudication or litigation.  This service extends to testifying and presenting as required.

The ADL Team is a small personal group that can work independently or in conjunction with other likeminded and qualified contractual consultants.

  • Contract Administration

  • Subcontract and Supply - Procurement and Administration

  • Planning – P6 & MS Project

  • Risk Analysis (Contractual / Construction / Planning)

  • Contract Health Checks

  • Identification of Entitlement

  • Security of Payment Claims (pursuing and responding)

  • Risk Management (Head Contract and Subcontract)

  • Variations

  • Notifications 

  • Drafting Contracts 

  • Procedure writing and implementation

  • Claims

  • Disputes

  • Quantum

  • Delay

  • Entitlement and Remedy

  • Mediations 

  • Arbitrations

  • Expert Determinations

  • Briefing Lawyers

  • Support to legal teams 

  • Accredited Mediator

  • Grade 3 Arbitrator

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The ADL Team Expertise

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Heart & Hands
2019 – 2020: Delay Analysis – Transport Infrastructure Project / Canberra, Australia
2019 – 2020: Party Appointed Expert Witness on matters relating to delay, disruption & quantum / Canterbury, New Zealand 
2018 – 2020: Party Appointed Delay Consultant / Canterbury, New Zealand
2019: Party Appointed Expert Witness on matters relating to delay, disruption and quantum / Canterbury, New Zealand
2019: Expert Witness – Adjudication / New South Wales (NSW), Australia
2019: Expert Witness – Adjudication Consultant / South Australia (SA), Australia